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Cargo Service is a mobile workshop what repairs mainly Schmitz Cargobull trailers. We are official Schmitz Cargobull Service Partner and our mobile workshop-buses is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to assist you in the same place where the trailer broke down or. You don’t need any more to organize your trailer transport to the workshop for minor repairs because we can help you on the road. In our stock are available the most common spare parts for Schmitz Cargobull trailers and we deal also with the warranty repair and warranty procedures for Schmitz Cargobull trailers.
We work 24h including public holidays

Pricelist from 01.03.2023

Schmitz Cargobull trailers

Workdays 8:00 – 17:00
1H repair work 46€+VAT

Weekends and workdays 17:00 – 8:00
1H repair work 59€+VAT

Other trailers

Workdays 8:00 – 17:00
1H repair work 65€+VAT

Weekends and workdays 17:00-8:00
1H repair work 79€+VAT

Driving fee


Tallinn and around 20 km of Tallinn

Tartu and around 20 km of Tartu

Driving fee all over Estonia, starting from Tallinn or Tartu

1H 46€+VAT

9(Example: If the trailer broke down in Rapla, Estonia then will be added to the normal price of a 45 minutes driving fee from Tallinn to Rapla and also 45 minutes back driving fee from Rapla to Tallinn therefore 1.5 hours x 46€ = 69€+VAT)

Mobile workshop-bus headquarters is located in Tallinn and Tartu but we can drive to this place where you need to make a repair to your trailer.


Põrguvälja tee 3
Jüri 75308

Tel: +372 5333 9020



Tel: +372 5566 0002


Võru 244
Tartu 50105

Tel:+372 518 7004

Ingvar Salmistu 

Master and offers (Tallinn)

Tõnis Ülviste

Spare Parts Sales Manager (Tallinn)

Lars Henrik Sildnik

Work planner and offers (Tallinn)

Imre Ama

Spare Parts Sales Manager (Tartu)

Tanel Metsküla

Work planner (Tartu)

Margus Rajamets

Technician (Tallinn)

Erki Meier

Technician (Tallinn)

Aigar Soosaar

Technician (Tallinn)

Kristofer Soosaar

Technician (Tallinn)

Meelis Kask

Technician (Tallinn)

Avo Põldver
Technician (Tartu)

Mario Pärn

Technician (Tartu)

Kaspar Sallo

Development manager / Board member

Heigo Kraav


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